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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Target your audience with precision.


With Digital Advertising Services, target your potential customers, drive more sales, and maximize ROI.


The best places to spend money on digital advertising are Google & Facebook. Platforms like Facebook and Google allow for advanced targeting, which puts a local business in front of consumers who are

more likely to convert into a sale.


Google Ads-More customers will find your website. 


Using your unique value proposition, we develop ads, target the right area, and the correct

audience. We monitor and measure constantly. We adjust the filters regularly. Our goal is to

get you the best price for your keywords, get you found, and increase leads.


                                      It’s often the way consumers first discover a business and learn more about the                                        products and services they offer.


                                      ROI indicators of a successful campaign:

                                      • Impressions: the actual # of views on an advertisement

                                      • Clicks: the actual # of direct clicks on the advertisement

                                      • Engagements: Social & landing page clicks

                                      • Results: In most cases, results come in the form of a phone call or a store visit

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Why advertise on Google?

Reach: Google is the largest search network in the world, and consumers are using Google every single day to search for local businesses. Utilizing Google’s massive network capabilities, digital advertisers are able to find ideal prospects and get in front of users looking for their products/services.

Flexibility: Google allows the local advertiser to spend whatever they want, whenever they want. With flexible options for ad spend, advertisers are able to test what works and what doesn’t work for a business. Spend a bit, wait to see how the campaign performs, and then reinvest in larger budgets for greater prospect reach.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Audience: If there is one thing to take away it is that the audience on Facebook is MASSIVE, and they are on Facebook a LOT.

Targeting: Facebook Ad targeting is a marketer’s dream. Target users by their interests, behaviors, age, gender, location, and really anything that their Facebook profile may reveal about them including job title.


The best part about digital advertising is that results can be easily monitored and ROI can be easily tracked.

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