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Content Development

The content you offer must help you attract and engage prospects and customers,

bring new visitors to your site, and ultimately, generate revenue for your company. 

We all consume content everyday. All of those Google searches result in links to content. 

Blogs are powerful for any business. 

A well written blog with images:

• Improves SEO

• Converts website traffic into more leads

• Establishes your company as an industry expert

• Gives people content to share

• Provides content for your social media

• Increases your web presence and encourages customers to visit your website


Blogging IS inbound marketing.

When someone is reading your blog and it helps them

solve a problem, entertains them, or provides a useful function in any way, they will:

  • Share it with others

  • Consume more of what you create

  • Search and consume other content you produce

  • Purchase or seriously consider buying from you now or in the future

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective tools to help scale your business.

We work with you to create rich content that engages and motivates readers to accomplish the goals you’re hoping to achieve.


Benefits of email campaigns:

Create an engaged audience to reap higher converting leads

Build trust between you and your customer by establishing you as an industry thought-leader


It’s highly targeted and the person has opted in, so they are expecting to hear from you. With email, it’s all about creating value for the reader. Depending on your audience, that might include an informational newsletter, or a monthly promotion. It is also a good way to stay top of mind, so when they are ready to buy, they think of you first.


Landing Pages are developed to emphasize a specific campaign offer.

This page can quickly be added and/or deleted from a website, while maintaining the look of your brand.



• Lead Generation – Use it as a means to capture email addresses of visitors.

• Inbound Marketing – Pay Per Click ads and blogs can link directly to a landing page.  When someone is interested in a specific offer, they are taken directly to the page. This makes them highly qualified and much more likely to complete the offer, or sign up for additional communication. 


This leads to nurturing the prospect until they convert via emails.

















Video is a very valuable but often under utilized tool.

It is a great way to capture and hold the attention of a potential customer on your website or social channels.

From Youtube to IGTV's vertical stories format, video can communicate your message in a highly engaged way.


Here are 6 top reasons for using this highly effective medium:

• Video boosts conversion rates

• Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%

• Video is a great addition to email campaigns

• Search engines love video

• Video builds trust and credibility on your site as well as highly visited sites like YouTube

• Video encourages social shares


Like all forms of marketing, planning is the key to success. We never just point and shoot.

At WB, we work with you from beginning to end to achieve specific goals. Once the goals,

strategy and copy are defined, we think about production values, such as the quality of the picture, the sound, lighting, and any effects that might be needed. While video can be created with your phone, it may not be at the level your message, product, and audience deserve. 

Video needs a key message directed at a particular audience.

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